IDKYBILY in the Streets....Our Streets! IDKYBILY in the Streets....Our Streets! Coachella 2012 Whoooooo!!! Such a great idea! These fans helped cool people down as well as, as Go La says, some Sexy Sahara Dancing! =) ? with Go La at Coachella Music Festival. 164494584 Coachella 2012 Fan Fly Honey and Friend: You look SOO amazing! Thank you for making our fan look so freaking cool! The best part of this photo is the story behind it: You received the fan by the artist and/or when of her friends from her town, Santa Maria, and then you saw later that two of your friends are in IDKYBILY! There are many small world connections like this! They are such a Trip! ? with CheLs Romero at Coachella Music Festival. 164494585 Fridge Magnet Fun YES! Better than a geometry test with A- written on it, IDKYBILY spelled out magnet style!! Thanks for the Domestic Dwelling Love MichaelMoonshine KirikouClark! =) ? with MichaelMoonshine KirikouClark in Winnetka. 164494586 Represent! Hmm-a-nah-hmm-a-nah-hmm-a-nah! Goodness Gracious this is so siiiick! Resident Tagger & Artiste Charlie Fox, standing beside his IDKY masterpiece! Ive lived and vacationed in some of the best graffiti cities: Washington, DC, NYC & Los Angeles...I used public transportation in those cities & would spend hours in commute admiring the art, trying to understand it, & mostly: thinking about what message I would put out to the world, obviously other than my gang name ;) 164494590 "Charlie's" Cooler It's hard to make people care - about anything. If you can get them to care, there is no formula to make them really give a shit. To get anyone to tag their personal property, to make them feel confident in the message they promote, to make someone want to look at a message/idea constantly that is not theirs: obviously based on how many non profit and charities there are: this is EXTREMELY difficult. LOL, otherwise the world would be saved & we'd be tagging everything with millions of groups/organizations and messages. I have managed to do it, and I am eternally grateful and relieved. I have spent my entire life knowing this is True and Can Happen. To have it be proven to me at such a young age & in this manner: I am either living the Rock Star Life or Revolutionary Hero Legacy. HAHAH. Im hoping it's the latter, and I am hoping to see images like this for the rest of my life. That's my name up on that cooler, but that is not my cooler and I did not write it. Beneath that very special name is the name of my social movement to Save the World. 164494589 Salt Flat Love Joe F'ing B!! Showing us True Vigilante IDKYBILY Love, writing our website on the Salt Flats in Utah. Thanks so much for representing!! 164494587 San Fran Pride Parade 2012 This picture could make clouds vomit rainbows!!! My absolute favorite part is the black Sharpie marker letters on the an activist, I have a thing for Sharpie writing on arms: you do it to write down Lawyer's phone numbers if you get arrested ;) LOL! I am so honored such cool, badass looking girls would tag the largest organ in the human body for IDKYBILY! Carolina Photography always gets it right with the lens, HOT DAMN this picture looks great. Lexie Roman and Jessica Franklin: thank you for looking so freaking fantastic and for all the IDKYBILY-Pride Edition accessories. My heart is pounding typing this. 164494591 San Fran Pride Parade 2012 Pride 2012, gorgeous Watermelon IDKYBILY representation along with Pride Love, this group loved the sign AND they Love Love! Carolina takes the most gorgeous photos! 164494592 Special Door Message Hand-written message on Door from once again another member I have yet to meet, but has already been SO generous with his effort, spreading the IDKYBILY message. 164494588 IDKYBILY in 3 Languages Translated by students from CHINA! *Simplified Chinese *Thai *Traditional Chinese 195123211 Coachella 2012 Sign How I found a volunteer who I had never met, but been connected to online. I found her in a crowd of 80,000 thanks to her awesome Sign! 195123212 Donut Love This sign was dropped on the ground at the campsite and one of my volunteers and best friends found it and took it home! 195123213 Car from Burning Man 195123214 Volunteer's Sticker Creation One of our volunteers ventured on his on and created this super UNIQUE and awesome sticker. 2,000 of them passed out at 2014 Summer Festivals! 195123215 IDKYBILY is Trademarked Not to prevent anyone else from using the expression, but to forever protect myself and our group from others telling us not to use. =) 195123216